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ThermoJet Print the way you 3D.

"ThermoJet allows CAD designers the freedom to quickly 'print' and hold a 3-dimensional model in their hands. This is not virtual reality - this is physical reality, and the applications and opportunities go beyond one's imagination."

- Mervyn Rudgley, Director, Product Management, 3D Systems

A superior method of communicating design intent. The ThermoJet solid object printer communicates design intent in a way that a plotter, 2-D printer or screen display never will. Effectively communicate complex designs to project teams, other departments, customers, partners and vendors. Reduce costly delays that result from design errors uncovered late in the development cycle. Communicate concepts with the confidence only a ThermoJet model provides.

THE ULTIMATE CAD OFFICE PERIPHERAL. Place the ThermoJet printer in a convenient office location and connect it to your network for enterprise-wide access. With the click of a button, create 3-dimensional models directly from your desktop. The ThermoJet printer produces superior quality models of any complexity in only hours.

REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. Quickly produce superior quality, low-cost models and evaluate design alternatives. Deliver improved products to market. Reduce product development cycle time and costs. Gain the competitive edge -- with the ThermoJet Solid Object Printer.

ThermoJet is an indispensable tool for:

  • Concept validation
  • Design intent communication
  • Customer and vendor feedback
  • Bid packages
  • 3-D faxes
  • Master patterns for casting

See for yourself! Visit the STL Library in our Technology Center, and order a sample part straight from our new ThermoJet.

ThermoJet FAQ

Download Datasheet:

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