Thermojet Prequalifier 3D Systems Solid Imaging
Do you need a ThermoJet? Fill out this simple questionnaire, and we'll let you know.
1 Can you produce solid model CAD data, using either 3D solid modeling CAD software or by scanning physical models to produce solid model CAD data? Yes   No
2 Does your organization use models or prototypes - either produced in-house or externally? Yes   No
3 Do you experience circumstances where more effective communication of a design could have prevented later misinterpretation of design intent, causing rework, delays, added costs, or even flawed manufacture of the product? Yes   No
4 Does your organization frequently experience product introduction delays due to redesign issues, or frequent ECOs? Yes   No
5 Do you supply 3D CAD data to suppliers, or do they ask for models, CAD data or concept artwork (illustrations or drawings)? Yes   No
6 Does your supplier frequently have to requote project costs, or require cost revisions to complete a project? Yes   No
7 How does your organization rate the following issues:
  Market Introduction Date Critical   Important   Not Important
  Product Unit Costs Critical   Important   Not Important
  Product Performance Critical   Important   Not Important
  Product Development Expenses Critical   Important   Not Important
8 How would you characterize the competitiveness of your industry? Little or no competition
Not applicable
9 How do you characterize the market that your organization services?
Mature - little or slow evolution of product designs, value, features, materials or market
Moderate Change - normal pressures to
improve product features, value, etc.
Hyper-Innovative - Constant pressure to
drive product evolution
Not applicable

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