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May 24, 1999 3D Systems Announces Expanded Global Customer Support Program
May 4, 1999 3D Systems Elects New Director
April 20, 1999 3D Systems Announces Results for the First Quarter 1999
March 10, 1999 3D Systems Introduces ThermoJet Solid Object Printer, with Fast CAD-to-Part Output in Office Environment
February 16, 1999 3D Systems Posts Improved Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 1998
February 16, 1999 3D Systems Signs Third Partner for Proprietary 3D Keltool Technology
February 8, 1999 3D Systems' New SLA 7000 Breaks the Performance Barrier, Advances Technology Beyond Prototypes into Production Arena
February 5, 1999 3D Systems Founder and Inventor of Stereolithography, Charles Hull, Announces Retirement
January 19, 1999 3D Systems Unveils "3D LIGHTYEAR" - Windows NT Software That Expands Functionality of its SLA Line
January 6, 1999 3D Systems Announces Patent Cross-License Agreement in Japan
December 9, 1998 Market Leader 3D Systems Unleashes New Cibatool SL 5530HT Delivering The Highest Heat Resistance Of Any SLA Resin
December 2, 1998 3D Systems Announces Successful Appeal
November 30, 1998 3D Systems Appoints Technical Director
October 15, 1998 3D Systems Announces Improved Third Quarter Results
September 28, 1998 3D Systems Appoints Sales, Marketing Vice President
September 22, 1998 3D Systems Elects New Director to Board
July 23, 1998 3D Systems Reports Second Quarter Profit Compared to Year-ago Loss, Product Sales up 18%
June 30, 1998 3D Systems Adds New Materials That Increase Range Of Applications For Its Solid Imaging Products
June 15, 1998 3D Systems Authorizes Hitachi Zosen to Sell, Service and Support Actua 2100 3D Printer in Japan
May 26, 1998 3D Systems Announces Cross-License with Sony
April 23, 1998 3D Systems Announces First Quarter Results
April 23, 1998 3D Systems Begins Trials of Robust Prototyping Resin
March 31, 1998 Latest Generation Actua 2100 3-D Printer Produces 300% Sharper Resolution; New Allegro 2.0 Software Speeds Build Time by 20% and Improves Support Removal
March 30, 1998 3D Systems Expands Deployment of Keltool Rapid Tooling Process
February 26, 1998 3D Systems Rolls Out New Specialty Resin Created to Withstand High Temperatures and Intense Humidity
February 24, 1998 3D Systems Announces Fourth Quarter, Full Year 1997 Results
February 11, 1998 3D Systems Announces Preliminary Results for Fourth Quarter and Year
January 28, 1998 3D Systems Unveils New Cibatool Faster, More Accurate, Humidity Resistant Resin
  Newer Press Releases

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